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ICEEA 2012

2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications (ICEEA 2012)
Dubai, UAE. August 4-5, 2012

Group Photo

Finding Nutrient-related Problems in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Kazi Fattah

A Kinetic Study on the Degradation of Iso-alpha-Acids
Yarong Huang, Martin Krottenthaler and Thomas Becker

A micropropagation system for Tylophora indica and extraction and purification of tylophorine from cultures and in vitro regenerated plants
Manju Anand, Harmanjit Kaur and Dinesh Goyal

Assessing Needs for Use of Communication Networks for Continuous Improvement of Primary Health Care Services
Azza Abul-Fadl, Ali Abu-Zeid, Mohamed Besher and Azima E. Sarhan