Conference Venue


Computer Science School, Campus de Montegancedo, Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Madrid, Spain


Add: ETSIINF-UPM, Campus de Montegancedo s/n, Boadilla del Monte, 28660 Madrid, Spain

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM) was founded in 1971, although the majority of its Centres are over hundreds of years old and was founded in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each of them maintained their independence until being grouped together to form the UPM in 1971. It is no exaggeration to state that for over one and a half centuries great part of the history of Spanish technology has been written by the Schools of Architecture and Engineering of the UPM. They have been during a lot of years nearly the only and in some case actually the only school. All of the important personalities in the area of teaching and research passed through their respective centres as students or lecturers.

How to Get Here:
By taxi: It will cost about 20-35 Euro. You can also use the CABIFY service (This service is similar to UBER)
By public transport: The recommended way to come to the Facultad the Informática from Madrid downtown is the following:


1. Take the Undergroundor Metro and go from your nearest Metro station to ALUCHE metro station.2.In ALUCHE metro station, get out and look for the BUS number 591. This Bus willtake you directly to the Facultad de Informática as last station. Get off theBus in the last station. You will see a white bulding (Bulding 5) and look forthe Bulding 1. Into Bulding 1, look for rooms H-1002 and H-1003.

Other public transportation routes:
Route 865: Madrid (Ciudad Universitaria)-Campus de Montegancedo
Route 571: Madrid (Campamento)-Boadilla (Lomas - Bonanza)
Route 573: Madrid (Moncloa)-Boadilla (Urbanizaciones)
Route 566: Boadilla (Ronda)-Pozuelo (C. France)
By tram: Route 3 (Colonia Jardín - Puerta de Boadilla) to Montepríncipe station. As you leave the station, turn right and makeyour way to the Facultad de Informática along Avda. Montepríncipe.
By car: Access by car: Exit the M-40 at junctions 36 (northbound) or 38 (southbound)


Directions: 40°24'22.82"N, 03°50'19.86"W
BLOQUE 1 is the building where the Conference Venue is.


The organizer will not be responsible for accommodation booking, participants are recommended for reservation early if you have special requirements. And if there is someone in the hotel asking you for the check-in-out date or credit card information, please tell the conference secretary at the first time before providing any information.