Latest News

October 31, 2022, News! We are glad to have the keynote speech to be presented by Prof. Vincenzo Belgiorno from University of Salerno, Italy. (Click)

August 1, 2022, News! Submission channel is open now, welcome your submission including abstract or full paper. (Click)

July 20, 2022, News! ICEEA 2023 will be going to held in Madrid during May 24-26, 2023. Hope to see you face to face!

July 15, 2022, News! ICEEA 2022, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, was held as virtual conference which was a success.

February 25, 2022, News! ICEEA 2022 submission deadline has been extended to March 25. (Click)

October 30, 2021, News! ICEEA 2022 submission channel is available now. (Click)

February 25, 2020. News! Based on the flexibility caused by COVID-19, we have set not only regular presentations onsite, but also the mode of online presentation or video presentation for participants who cannot attend the conference.

August 20, 2019. News! ICEEA 2020 submission is open now. (Click)

July 15, 2019. News! ICEEA 2020 conference will be held in Budapest during June 28-30, 2020 after conference committee's discussion.

July 1, 2019. News! ICEEA 2019 conference has been successfully held in Czech Technical University in Prague. (Click)

June 15, 2019. News! ICEEA 2019 conference detailed program could be downloaded here for reference.

November 2, 2018. News! ICEEA 2019 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic and the submission is open. (Click)

July 13, 2018. News! ICEEA 2018 was sucessfully held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Click)

May 1, 2018, News! The final submission deadline of ICEEA 2018 has been extended to May 25, 2018. (Click)